Food and Beverage

Specialty regulation-compliant plastics for augers, hoppers, rollers, sprockets, chute liners and other food processing parts

Advanced plastics reduce maintenance costs, increase dimensional stability, and lower operating expenses. We specialize in food-safe, dependable plastic parts that keep your processing plant running 24/7.

Need guidance with regulations? We’ll help you make sure your food handling complies with the standards of the FDA, USDA, 3-A dairy and others.

Contact us for specialty plastic parts for your food or beverage operation.

The medical device demo units you made were a big hit with our sales team last week. They all used them to practice insertions of the new device we are launching. It works great not just for selling b

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I just had a chance to look at all of the panels we received on Friday. They look terrific! We appreciate your extra effort to get them to us on time and to have them cleaned up as you did.

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Acetal is an engineering thermoplastic for precision parts. It offers high stiffness, low friction and excellent dimensional stability.

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• Acetron MD
• DELRIN 511P (enhanced homopolymer)
• DELRIN AF blend (Teflon® fiber filled)
• DELRIN® (acetal homopolymer)
• TECAFORM AD HPV13 (Teflon® powder filled)
• TECAFORM AH SD (static dissipative)
• TECAFORM® AH (acetal copolymer)
• ZL 900 AS (static dissipative acetal copolymer)
• ZL 900 C Black (acetal copolymer)
• ZL 900 C Blue (acetal copolymer)
• ZL 900 H Black (acetal homopolymer)
• ZL 900 H Natural (acetal homopolymer)
• ZL 900 U ELS (conductive acetal copolymer)
• ZL® 900 C Natural (acetal copolymer)


High-density polyethylene has a large strength-to-density ratio. It has greater tensile strength than LDPE. It also is harder and more opaque than LDPE, and can withstand higher temperatures.

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• Borotron® borated polyethylene (HDPE, extruded)
• Polystone® G
• Proteus® HDPE (natural polyethylene, extruded/compression molded)
• Quadrant® HDPE
• Sanalite® HDPE polyethylene (extruded/compression molded)
• Tecafine® HDPE
• Ultra Ethylux®


Low-density polyethylene is flexible and tough but breakable. It has excellent chemical resistance to acids, alcohols, bases and esters. It has lower density and tensile strength than HDPE, but has higher resilience.

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• Quadrant® LDPE
• Tecafine® LDPE


Synthetic polyamides are available with a range of properties. Familiar materials include nylons and Kevlar™. They have high durability and strength, and are often used in textiles, automotive products, home goods and more.

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• NYCAST 6PA MoS2 (solid lubricant filled)
• NYCAST XHA blue (functions at ~10% higher temperatures than standard grades)
• NYCAST® 6PA (high crystallinity, high compression strength, high impact resistance)
• Nylatron 703XL PA6 (near-zero level of "stick-slip" chatter for the highest control in precision applications)
• Nylatron GF30 PA66 (reinforced nylon 66)
• Nylatron GSM Blue PA6 oil-filled nylon (ideal for slide pads, thrust washers and trunnion bearings)
• Nylatron LFG PA6 (combines FDA compliance with performance of Nylatron LIG PA6 for food contact applications)
• Nylatron LIG PA6 (lubricated nylon 6 – increased load bearing with internal lubrication)
• Nylatron MC 901 PA6 (blue, heat stabilized, cast – ideal for bearing applications such as wheels and gears)
• Nylatron MC907 PA6 (FDA, USDA, and 3-A dairy compliant, ideal for food contact parts)
• Nylatron NSM (ideal for bearings and wear pads, also offers advantages beyond superior wear resistance)
• Nylatron NSM (self-lubricating nylon 6 with superior wear resistance)
• Nylatron® GS PA66
• Quadrant® Nylon 101 PA66
• TIVAR CleanStat (static dissipative, compression molded)
• TIVAR Dryslide (modified, compression molded)
• TIVAR EC (conductive, compression molded)
• TIVAR ECO (natural, compression molded)
• TIVAR ESd (static dissipative, compression molded)


Polyetherimide offers similar characteristics as PEEK, but is less expensive and lower in impact strength and usable temperature.

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• Duratron® PEI (unfilled)
• TECAPEI™ unfilled Ultem


PET offers excellent dimensional stability, excellent wear resistance, high strength and a low coefficient of friction. It resists moderately acidic solutions.

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• Ertalyte TX
• Ertalyte® PET-P
• ZL® 1400T (internally lubricated PET)


Polyphenylene sulfide is an engineering plastic that can be machined to high tolerances. Its maximum service temperature is 424 °F (218 °C), and it resists solvents up to approximately 392 °F (200 °C).

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• TECATRON PVX (bearing grade)
• TECHTRON PPS (bearing grade)


Polyphenylsulfone is a heat and chemical-resistant moldable plastic. It is often used for rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing. It has essentially no melting point and shows tensile strength up to 55 MPa (8000 psi).

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• Quadrant® PPSU
• Radel® PPSU
• TECASON™ P polyphenylsulfone


PTFE has a high melting temperature, outstanding dielectric properties and low friction.

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• DuPont™ Teflon®
• Dyneon™ PTFE
• Fluorosint HPV PTFE
• Fluorosint® 207


Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene has the highest impact strength of any of today's thermoplastics, resistant to corrosive chemicals (except oxidizing agents), low moisture absorption, low coefficient of friction, self-lubricates and abrasion resistant .

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• TIVAR 88 (premium lining material for bulk material handling, low surface friction)
• TIVAR CleanStat (static dissipative, compression molded)
• TIVAR Dryslide (modified, compression molded)
• TIVAR EC (conductive, compression molded)
• TIVAR ECO (natural, compression molded)
• TIVAR ESd (static dissipative, compression molded)
• TIVAR H.O.T. (FDA, USDA, 3-A Dairy compliant, lasts up to ten times longer in environments up to 275° F, chemical- and moisture-resistant)
• TIVAR Oil Filled (FDA and USDA compliant, self-lubricating, ideal for guides, sprockets and conveyor components)
• TIVAR UV Resistant (modified, compression molded)
• TIVAR® 1000 (FDA, USDA, 3-A Dairy compliant)

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