What is Thin-Gauge Precision Die Stamping?

Precision die stamping
In precision die stamping, a high-speed punch press and custom steel-rule dies are used to produce extremely precise identical parts, such as washers, gaskets, seals, insulators, graphics, and more. This process allows for the creation of extremely thin products that can hold tight tolerances at high volumes. At Reading Plastic, our custom CNC machined dies deliver incredible precision and customization that our clients have come to rely on.

What are the Benefits of Precision Die Stamping?

Can Your Part Be Stamped?

Precision die stamping is often a cost-effective alternative to machining, particularly when thin-gauge materials and high production volumes are at play. The accuracy of CNC machining allows us to produce dies with tight tolerances and exact dimensions for reliable repeatability. There are some parts that are not compatible with stamping and have to be machined. These are typically parts with significant variations in thickness and many sharp corners. However, these parts can sometimes be re-designed for stamping manufacturability. This usually involves creating thickness consistency and eliminating sharp corners. If you are unsure whether your part can be stamped, our expert staff is here to help.

Choose Reading Plastic for Thin-Gauge Precision Die Stamping

When you need dependable precision die stamping, rely on the experts at Reading Plastic. We help you choose the right advanced material that meets the needs of your project, from color to anti-static properties to chemical resistance. Has your part never been stamped before? Our expert staff can handle the challenge. Call us at (610) 926-3245 or email site2@readingplastic.com to discuss your project today!

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