How to Develop Your CNC Plastic Prototype

CNC plastic prototype
In nearly every industry, prototyping is a necessary stage of product development that ultimately determines whether or not your production efforts will be successful. And with the advent of rapid prototyping, it is now both affordable and easy to produce plastic prototypes quickly. CNC plastic prototypes utilize CNC machining to create functional prototypes that meet exact specifications, typically with fast turnaround times.

Are CNC Plastic Prototypes Right for Your Project?

When developing your plastic prototype, your choice of manufacturing method will be determined by the volume of prototypes needed, the material, the type of testing they will undergo, and how complex or exact the prototype must be. CNC plastic prototypes offer numerous benefits to your product development:

How Do CNC Plastic Prototypes Compare?

Compared to 3D printing, CNC plastic prototypes offer tighter tolerances, more potential for threads and undercuts, better surface finishes, and reduced size limitations. CNC machining also offers a wider range of materials with better mechanical properties, resulting in prototypes with better structural integrity that will perform true to design in testing.

It is often prohibitively expensive to produce injection molding tooling for a small volume of plastic prototypes, but it can be the most cost effective choice for mass production. CNC plastic prototypes allow you to test the form, fit and function of your parts at a considerable cost savings before switching to injection molding for production.

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