Advanced Custom Fabrication and Machine Services

custom fabrication and machineCustom plastic parts can bring your project to the next level. At Reading Plastic & Metal, we offer custom fabrication and machine services to turn your machined plastic parts into assembled, finished products. This could be as basic as snapping machined parts together, or it could require complex bending, threading, and more. If you need finished plastic parts ready for you or your customer to use right away, our fabrication team will make it happen. Need need specialty plastic items but don’t have staff available to modify or assemble machined parts? Our custom fabrication and machine services may be right for you.

Specialty Custom Fabrication and Machine Services

Here are a few of the areas where we provide specialty fabrication services:

Fabricated parts can be branded with your name or logo using hot stamps, silk screening, stickers, or other methods.

How Much is Custom Fabrication?

Depending on the industry and the particulars of a project, precision-engineered materials with certain properties may be needed to meet the demands and priorities for the specific application. Let’s examine some of the most common influencers of custom components pricing.

While not an exhaustive list, these are some of the biggest determining factors in pricing for creation of custom machined parts.

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