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Machining Torlon
Torlon® is a high-performance, non-crystalline engineering thermoplastic that provides reliable strength and performance at high temperatures. Its unique combination of properties makes it ideal for the most extreme and punishing environments, such as racecar engines and NASA’s space shuttles. At Reading Plastic, we have an excellent track record of producing precision parts that hold tight tolerances from the most advanced engineering plastics. When it comes to machining Torlon®, we have the technical and manufacturing expertise to machine and fabricate custom Torlon® parts to your exact specifications.

Torlon®’s Superior Properties

As a polyamide-imide (PAI), Torlon® is the highest-performing melt-processable plastic and is ideal for applications that require strength and stiffness at extreme temperatures. Parts machined from Torlon® can outperform most advanced engineering plastics by a wide margin. Torlon® is extremely durable and offers excellent wear and impact resistance. Certain glass-reinforced and carbon-fiber-reinforced grades can further improve stiffness while also advancing thermal expansion properties. Other key properties of Torlon® include:

Machining Torlon® for Demanding Applications

At Reading Plastic, we’ve been machining high-quality parts for both private and government clients for over four decades. No matter the size of your run, we will deliver your parts on time and in compliance with all standards and specifications. With our ultra-precise cutting tools, we can produce parts that hold precise tolerances of +/- .001”. We provide superior CNC services in:

If you have a project that involves machining Torlon® parts, reach out to us today at 610-926-3245 or at site2@readingplastic.com. We are confident that we can machine the precise Torlon® parts you need.

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