Vespel® Bearings Deliver Unbeatable Reliability and Performance

vespel aircraft parts

When selecting a material for high-performance bearings, Vespel® is often the top choice. That is because Vespel® bearings offer unique capabilities in high-friction applications that most high-end materials can’t surpass. Combining the best properties of ceramics, metals and plastics into one, Vespel® bearings offer unique strengths for superb performance and proven reliability.

What Makes Vespel® Bearings So Effective?

Vespel® encompasses a range of high-performance polyimide-based plastics, characterized by a ring-shaped molecular structure containing nitrogen. Used for the toughest sealing, wear or friction applications, Vespel® can withstand the harshest operating conditions on the planet, thanks to its advanced properties:

While it is one of the most expensive polymers on the market, Vespel® bearings often pay for themselves by increasing the lifespan and reliability of parts and reducing maintenance costs. Vespel® parts are often destined for harsh environments, such as aircraft parts, centrifugal pump parts, actuator guide bearings, and more. The unique combination of Vespel®’s properties gives it an advantage over other polymers in extreme environments.

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