Our mission is simple: Quality. And when we say quality, we mean quality in all aspects of our business: Customer relationships, expert staff, engineering skill, equipment, and methods. And of course, the highest level of accuracy and aesthetics in the products we deliver.

Our systematic approach to production and quality management is ISO 9001:2015 compliant.

What sets one machine shop apart from another?

Is it the people, the equipment, the machining practices? At RPMF we insist on excellence in all three. Here’s how:


We employee machinists and CNC programmers with the most advanced knowledge in the industry. Give us any DWG, DXF, IGES, or Solid Model and we’ll manipulate it into form, fit and functionality for machining—fast.

Add a sales and engineering team with decades of manufacturing experience, and we can produce any job that comes our way.


Let’s talk about machining capabilities: Our CNC milling, CNC routing, and CNC turning centers all use world-class 3-axis to 4-axis machines made by DMG, Mori, Haas and Heian. These machines are the apex of CNC machining due to their immense weight and rigidity. The heavier the machine, the lower its vibration, and the lower the vibration, the more accurate the part.

Work Holding

Motionless work holding is the first step to producing quality parts—the better the work holding, the better the part. We’ve developed some of the most advanced vacuum, chuck, and vise holding techniques in the industry.

Here’s one example: Every machine at RPMF has its own vacuum portal, which allows a higher percentage of machining to be completed before rotation for secondary work. This method delivers better rigidity for the highest quality surface finish and tight tolerances.

What else?

Our machines are calibrated for ideal thermal compensation, which increases repeatability. This makes it easy to achieve tight tolerances, even with the most advanced composite materials.

We use Renshaw tool probes for all tool and fixture offset adjustments—there is no place for guesswork at RPMF. We control for every variable, and we start with the best materials to create the best parts.


This is the fun part. As materials advance, we stay one step ahead with specialized tooling geometry. Drawing on decades of machining knowledge, we constantly push the limits of cutter technology. We machine using all the big-name cutters: SANDVIK, RobbJack, Onsrud, Mitsubishi, American Carbide, and SP3 Diamond, to name a few. We only use the highest grade, sharpest grind carbide cutting tools, with the correct rake and relief to counteract the heat generated during machining.

We even have a performance tooling workshop, where we upgrade standard cutters by adding custom geometric specifications and PCD Diamond coatings. These hot-rod tools allow us to cut and maintain tolerances in any advanced composite material—you won’t find this level of control anywhere else.

We use the same approach for all turning, routing, and sawing of advanced materials. By minimizing heat and stress, we reach and maintain the tightest tolerances for your plastic parts.

Owner’s Message

My theory on machining plastics at a high level is simple: Start with people who embrace a challenge, who think outside the norm.

Give them the world’s most advanced, reliable CNC machines.

Add in the most precise cam systems, tooling and work holding techniques.

Use only quality materials that have been stress relieved. Materials that are certified and traceable.

Double-check to make sure customers are satisfied—then repeat, repeat, repeat.

–Tom Funk, President

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