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We’re ready to make your precision-engineered metal and plastic parts.

At Reading Plastic & Metal Advanced Machining, you’ll find the equipment and know-how to produce the most precise, dependable plastic parts. Explore below for details on our CNC machining capabilities.

This is our shop in Reading, PA, just outside of Philadelphia and New York City, and within a day’s drive of a third of the US population. Inside, you’ll find immaculately maintained machines, ultra-precise cutting tools, and the highest level of quality control. Our work is trusted by the US military, major metro transit systems, and can’t-fail telecom operators.

All parts must pass a comprehensive, ISO 9001:2015 compliant quality inspection before shipping.

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Quality Control Equipment

  • Digimar CX1 Digital Height Stand
  • Brown & Sharp Optical Comparator
  • Omano Digital Microscope
  • Helmel Checkmaster 216-142 Manual CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) for 3D Measurement
  • Mitutoyo SJ410 & Mitutoyo SJ-210 Profilometer
  • Vermont Gage Pin Gages
  • Starrett and Mitutoyo Calipers, Micrometers
  • OGP Smartscope Flash 500, Zone3 Software Package for 3D Model based measurement, 500MMx450MMx300MM measurement range, Touch Probe, TTL (Through the Lens) Laser
  •  Clark CRM-12 Hardness Tester

Benefits of Plastic and Metal CNC Machining

  • CNC machining delivers high degrees of accuracy and repeatability, ensuring the first part is identical to the last. This level of quality and reliability is especially critical to industries that require extreme precision, such as the aerospace and semiconductor industries.
  • Compared to other manufacturing methods, CNC machining has short lead and production times, getting parts to you faster. This helps lower the costs of downtime and gets your equipment back to work sooner.
  • Our ultra-precise CNC machines allow us to produce complex parts with extremely tight tolerances (+/-.001) and superior surface finishes.
  • Unlike injection molding, CNC machines allow you to quickly and easily make changes to part design. This not only allows you to adapt to changing needs, it also prevents you from being stuck with hundreds of obsolete parts.
  • CNC machining can be used on a wide variety of materials, from metal to advanced plastics. These include specialty plastics that are difficult to process or can’t be processed by other manufacturing methods (such as injection molding and 3D printing).
  • CNC machining is cost effective for both small and large production runs, allowing you to make the right amount of parts while still staying on budget.

CNC Plastic Machining

Our CNC plastic machining services specialize in tight tolerances and advanced materials. Our machines can handle even the most technical plastics, including PEEK, Ultem®, and Vespel®. If you aren’t sure which material is right for your project, our expert staff can answer any questions you have. Our decades of experience working with specialty plastics give us hands-on knowledge about how these materials perform in all sorts of settings, and we pass that knowledge on to you.

CNC Metal Machining

As an experienced CNC metal machining company, Reading Plastic can deliver precision parts from aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel and titanium. Our metal parts are machined with the same tight tolerances and fast turnarounds our plastic parts customers count on, as well as economical processes that streamline production and lower costs. We utilize the best machining practices – including consistent cutting speeds, sharp tools and strategic processes – to ensure all of our metal parts meet the strictest quality standards.

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