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CNC company near me

At Reading Plastic & Metal Advanced Machining, we have the world’s most advanced and reliable CNC machines to serve our variety of customers in premium plastic and metal goods. If you are searching for a CNC company ‘near me’, Reading Plastic & Metal is certified ISO 9100:2015 and proven to find production solutions with our state of the art machinery and employee expertise. 

Why Choose Reading Plastic & Metal?

Our mission is always quality driven throughout all aspects of our organization. Whether it be equipment or staff related, our drive is to bring quality to our customers, with the highest level of accuracy and aesthetics to all products that we deliver. 

We set ourselves apart from other CNC company near me by insisting excellence in all of our most important aspects of our company: 

People – Our advanced employee machinists and CNC programmers are able to adjust any format (DWG, DXF, IGES, or Solid Model) and manipulate it into an array of forms, fits, and functionalities for machining. Our sales and engineering teams have decades of manufacturing experiences giving us endless production possibilities.

Production – All of our CNC milling, CNC routing, and CNC turning centers have 3-axis to 4-axis machines made by DMG, Mori, Haas, and Heian. With immense weight and rigidity our machines emit little vibration, creating precise accuracy. 

Work Holding – We have created some of the most advanced vacuum, chuck, and vise holding methods in the business. Motionless work hold allows for the best work holding, producing the most top of the line parts. 

Tooling – We are able to stay on the cutting edge of technology, with decades of experience. We use tooling geometry in order to utilize the highest grade and sharpest grind carbide cutting tools. At our tooling workshop, we also add special geometric specifications and PCD diamond coatings for optimal customization. 

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