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CNC routing services near meAt Reading Plastic and Metal Advanced Machining, we pride ourselves in being your CNC routing services near me. We are able to produce intricate details for all of your routing projects over fast cycle times. With speed and precision, we can accomplish all of your routing needs including projects that are as large as 127” x 80” x 9.” Our vacuum-secured routing system will not only produce your parts quickly, but additionally will produce accurate goods with detailed repeatability. 

Why Choose Reading Plastic and Metal Routing Services?

CNC, or computer numerical control, allows us to produce high volumes of supply with precise and identical parts. Our CNC machines can deliver the most intricate designs with our complex and automated computers. We meet rigid specifications and tight tolerances with our high end technology. 

You should choose us to be your CNC routing services for some of the following reasons…

Adaptability – We will meet your business’ changing needs. With our innovative technology, we can quickly and easily make changes to your design. Other companies use methods like injection molding, which takes more time for changes and enhancements. With our fast ability to adapt, we can get products to you sooner, saving you money, as well.  

Complex cutting – With some of the greatest router capabilities on the east coast, our routing services can meet almost any design requirements. Our tools and technologies allow us to create the most basic and complex parts with precision as a top priority. 

Variety of materials – Our routing services produce a variety of materials for demanding business industries across the country. We have produced parts for meat processing, aerospace, telecom, the military, and beyond. These industries require a vast array of materials for safety and technical purposes. Whether it be plastic or metal, we can find a material to serve the demanding needs your industry presents. 

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Contact us today to get a quote on your routing needs. The choice of material is up to you. We have a wide array of plastic and metal to give you the greatest control over your products. Call Reading Plastic and Metal at 610-926-3245 or fill out this quote form to be your CNC routing services near me. We promise high quality production and repeatability for all of our customers.

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