Working with Copper Machining Companies: FAQs

copper machining companies
As a high-end machine shop, Reading Plastic offers precision CNC machining of a wide variety of materials, from specialty plastics to metals such as copper. For over three decades, clients in both the government and the private sector have trusted Reading Plastic to deliver precise, dependable, high-performance parts. We know what it takes for copper machining companies to produce reliable copper parts.

Copper Machining FAQs

What are the benefits of copper?

Copper offers a wide range of unique benefits, including:

What are common applications for copper parts?

Copper has a wide variety of uses, from magnet windings in high-energy accelerators to main condenser tubes and plates in coal-fired power stations. It is used in containers that hold corrosive mediums, pipe systems, filters, pumps and valves, and numerous evaporators and condensers. Because of copper’s excellent thermal conductivity, it is widely used in heat exchangers in everything from air conditioners to the petrochemical industry. The automotive industry uses copper in radiators, hydraulic equipment, gears, braking systems, bearings, power distribution, and more. Copper is used extensively in the semiconductor industry because of its excellent electrical conductivity, often replacing aluminum in silicon chips for interconnection and lead frames. In the aerospace industry, copper is used in the wiring, cooling systems, navigation instruments and hydraulic pneumatics of airplanes.

What are the benefits of CNC machining?

CNC machining allows for rapid turnaround times, getting your parts to you in days to weeks, not months. In addition to speed, CNC machining is known for precision and repeatability. You can be certain that your parts will be machined to spec and that each part will be identical to the last. CNC machining is also cost effective across a wide range of part runs, from prototyping to large production runs.

What are your machining capabilities?

At Reading Plastic, our fleet of state-of-the-art CNC machines allow us to offer a full range of CNC services. Our CNC saws can process materials up to 128″x120″x6″, while our CNC routers can handle oversized specialty parts up to 127” x 80” x 9”. For CNC turning, we specialize in multi-axis lathe work that holds tight tolerance standards, up to +/-.001″. We’re experts in 3D-contours, radius edges, plunge cuts, patterns and bevels. And with standard milling bits from .010” to 4.0”, we’re prepared to do the job as efficiently as possible.

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