Machining PEEK for Medical Devices – Why PEEK Makes the Grade

PEEK machining

PEEK machining for medical devices has been on the rise in recent years, thanks to this material’s advanced properties that make it uniquely suitable for contact with the human body. In the last ten years, it’s become widely accepted for long-term, in-body applications over other plastics or traditional metals. It’s also found its way into numerous medical devices that must function well at all times, no matter the temperature or environment.

What makes polyether ether ketone (PEEK) so popular in healthcare and medical device manufacturing? Keep reading for an overview of its properties and a few ways it’s being used in the healthcare industry today.

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Machining PEEK for Medical Devices: Key Properties and Proven Applications

In addition to functioning well in bearings, pumps, piston parts, and cable insulation, PEEK makes for superior medical devices due to these properties:

Thanks to these properties, manufacturers are realizing the value of PEEK in applications like:

Of course, applications of PEEK aren’t limited to the medical industry. This material finds a place in many other industries as well, including aerospace, food & beverage, electronics, petroleum, automotive and others. New applications for this versatile material continue to arise each year.

PEEK can be fabricated to any close tolerance, but it’s important to choose your precision plastic machine shop carefully to avoid errors with this relatively expensive material.

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