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When it comes to staying competitive, avoiding costly breakdowns of critical machinery is a top priority. Companies running production lines need to make sure their parts last—including getting fast OEM parts if something does go wrong. Unfortunately, many companies can tell you about a bad experience they’ve had trying to get in contact with an original equipment manufacturer. From domestic production backlogs to slow overseas shipping, the wait for parts can prolong downtime and cost businesses big time. Not Reading Plastic & Metal! Look no further for your OEM plastic manufacturer—we provide OEM plastic parts without the wait, so you can get your critical machinery up and running.

What to Expect

When you partner with us for your OEM replacement parts, you’ll benefit from:

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Reading Plastic & Metal is the #1 OEM Plastic Manufacturer

For reliable, precision plastic parts, call Reading Plastic today at (610) 926-3245, or email us at No matter the application, our experts can replicate OEM parts andmachine the solution!

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