The Backbone of the Oil & Gas Industry? Specialty Plastics.

oil and gas plastic machining

The oil and gas industry presents one of the most demanding environments you can imagine for its infrastructures to withstand. Extreme temperatures, high pressures, heavy loads and abrasive chemicals define this industry—and the ability of parts and components to hold up under these conditions makes a substantial impact on safety and productivity, not to mention profitability.

In such a punishing environment, it’s no surprise specialty plastics have come to play an integral role. Their advanced properties enable engineered plastics to endure harsh conditions that would destroy most metals quickly. To minimize risk and maximize reliability, the bulk of chemical processing companies have come to rely on oil & gas plastic machining for their parts and components.

We’re Reading Plastic Machining & Fabrication, a provider of the widest product portfolio of specialty plastics for oil and gas applications. As we’ll discuss in this blog, precision plastic machining is an ideal solution for oil & gas companies looking to improve the function and integrity of their infrastructures.

Why Precision Plastic Machining for Oil & Gas Helps Cut Costs and Downtime

 When it comes to oil & gas infrastructures, three factors can make or break a company’s success: cost, downtime and safety. Using specialty plastics in seals, gears, wear pads, rollers and other components contributes to improvement in all three areas, due to superior properties such as:

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Reading Plastic has been machining the world’s most advanced plastics since 1978. Our parts are in telecom equipment, defense systems, labs, hospitals and beyond, thanks to our diverse clientele that spans the globe. We are accustomed to machining parts for both private industry and government clients, frequently under non-disclosure agreements and to the strict standards of the FDA, Department of Defense and other policymakers.

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