Custom Plastic Components for Medical Devices

Plastic plays a crucial role in the manufacturing of medical devices for modern healthcare. From large components of diagnostic equipment to delicate tubing used in surgical procedures, plastic is relied on for its durability and versatility.

Complex plastic medical parts must be produced with close tolerances and exceptional precision. Reading Plastic & Metal offers expertise in machining plastic components for medical devices with advanced equipment and highly-trained technicians. Our attention to detail ensures that the plastic parts we supply are always accurate and resilient.

Benefits of Plastic Components for Medical Devices

Plastic is widely used in manufacturing because of its low cost and almost limitless ability to take various shapes. For the medical industry, plastic offers specific benefits, including:

plastic components for medical devices

Safety and comfort – Hypo-allergenic plastic is safe for most patients and doesn’t produce an allergic reaction like metal is prone to. Some plastic can also include antimicrobial materials to resist or kill bacteria and help prevent infection.

Usage – Plastic can be molded into more ergonomic product features that are less cumbersome to use and easier for the body to endure. Plastic also withstands heat and chemical sterilization procedures and doesn’t corrode from exposure to bodily or medical fluids.

Innovation – The malleability of plastic provides the possibility of making almost any component that designers can envision to innovate cutting-edge medical technology.

Applications of Plastic Components for Medical Devices

Medical devices require precise machining and have to meet strict standards, but our plastic machining is uniquely suited to the task. With the ability to machine complex designs and smooth parts that hold tight tolerances, Reading Plastic & Metal can provide parts for a number of medical applications, including:

Custom Plastic Components for Medical Devices with Reading Plastic & Metal

Whether you are creating the next groundbreaking device or want to improve on your current product, our experience in machining for the medical market will help you achieve it. Reach out to us today to find out how we can work together. Contact us online, call (610) 926-3245, or send us an email at

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