The History of Reading Plastic Machining & Fabrication

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At Reading Plastic, we pride ourselves on our long history of quality, precision and craftsmanship. For precision machined parts and unbeatable plastic fabrication Pennsylvania has been turning to Reading Plastic for nearly four decades. We provide parts for a wide variety of industries:

Outstanding Machining and Plastic Fabrication – Pennsylvania

A Long History of Plastic Fabrication in Pennsylvania

Reading Plastic Machining & Fabrication is a family-run business located in beautiful Eastern Pennsylvania. In 1950, it began as a basement operation that provided plastic parts to the textile industry in Reading. The company then became involved with Western Electric Reading Works, helping them fabricate parts for early semiconductor development and production. In 1978, the company was incorporated as Polyfab Corp T/A Reading Plastic Fabricators.

As technology and customer needs evolved, Reading Plastic chose to add machining to their list of services. We have quickly become well-known for the tight tolerances of our machined parts. We have also expanded our services to be available coast to coast.

As a high-end machine shop, Reading Plastic can meet all your milling, turning, routing and die stamping needs. While our main wheelhouse is tight tolerances, we can supply all your plastic fabrication and machining needs, no matter the industry. If you have a part that you are looking to convert from metal to plastic, Reading Plastic is the place to turn.

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