Why Specialty Plastics Have Taken Over Aerospace

speciality plastic taking over aerospaceSuccess in the aerospace industry relies heavily upon constant innovation in two areas: aircraft performance and reducing fuel costs. Without forward-thinking innovation in these categories, even industry leaders can expect to fall behind the competition before long.

Because the market has demanded such fast and substantial improvement, it’s no wonder the significance of technical plastics has grown at an astounding rate in recent years. In fact, the use of aerospace plastics has quadrupled since 1970, thanks to plastic’s superiority to traditional metals in key areas.

Reading Plastic Machining & Fabrication has been building to strict standards for over three decades, and we’ve become a national leader in holding tight tolerances and nationally recognized for our material knowledge. In this blog, we’ll share a few reasons precision plastic machining for aviation is in such high demand.

How Can Aviation Precision Plastic Machining Improve Performance and Reduce Fuel Costs?

The ultra-light, ultra-strong plastics we machine improve aircrafts in various ways. Using these parts in nacelles and engines, landing gear, control systems, and other interior systems means gaining access to the following advantages:

As you can see, our aerospace plastic machining raises the bar in critical ways. Aircrafts that implement our specialty plastics benefit from greater fuel efficiency, improved temperature and wear resistance, and best of all—the advantage of our efficient manufacturing.

We’re a Leader in Precision Plastic Machining for Aerospace and Aviation

With over 30 years in operation, we’ve partnered with every branch of the armed forces to meet their aerospace plastic machining needs. That means we machine aviation plastics that satisfy the high standards of the Department of Defense, as well as Aviation Standards and the FDA. Find out more about how we help our clients ensure compliance with industry requirements.

If you’re in need of aviation precision plastic machining, we encourage you to request a quote. Because we work with virtually all plastic producers and don’t have a minimum threshold, we’re confident we can machine your order. If you have any questions, reach out to our team at (610)-926-3245 or fill out our contact form.

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