The Cost of Downtime is Steep. The Right Telecom Parts Supplier Can Help Keep Your Network Up and Running.

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For telecom companies, downtime is disaster. The network going down means customers lose their voice and data communications until further notice. Productivity ceases, since transactions can’t be processed. Critical applications go dark. Security becomes a concern as threat surveillance collapses. It’s a nightmare that can have a lasting impact; just consider the havoc that ensued when airline Virgin Blue’s network went down for 11 days in 2010. Losses were in the tens of millions.

Indeed, for your customers, the financial cost of network downtime is the greatest concern of all. The dead stop in productivity can cost tens of thousands of dollars each hour the network is down. Just a week of downtime can easily rack up millions, in addition to wrecking customer relations.

While we don’t mean to inspire gloom and doom, we do mean to inspire telecom companies to be vigilant about protecting their networks. Consider that most network failures aren’t caused by earthquakes, fires and floods; they’re caused by minor incidents like part failure.

A top-rated telecom parts supplier can help protect your network from downtime disasters. Here’s why tight tolerance machining is the best choice for your network.

The Benefits of a Plastic Telecom Parts Supplier

Reading Plastic offers plastic machining and custom plastic fabrication to extremely close tolerances. Some of our biggest clients are telecom companies looking to cut downtime with parts that are stronger, longer lasting and more effective than metal parts. When machined from advanced engineering plastics, telecom parts offer improved:

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