The Rise of Agriculture Plastic Machining

Agriculture Plastic Machining

In the last twenty years, the use of plastics in agriculture has grown so exponentially it’s given rise to an entirely new term: “plasticulture.”

Though estimates aren’t exact, experts in the field say U.S. agriculture alone uses about a billion pounds of plastics every year. Applications for specialized plastics in agriculture are wide-ranging; they’re used in films for covering mulch, greenhouse covers, for wrapping bales, or tubing and pipes. Agricultural plastic can also be found in pesticide containers, nursery containers, silage bags, storage covers, twine and elsewhere.

It’s little wonder agricultural plastic machining has gained such popularity in recent decades. Tighter emissions standards as well as globalization have required agricultural ventures to become ever more efficient to succeed—and specialized plastics are proven to optimize operations.

We’re Reading Plastic Machining & Fabrication, a producer of machined plastics for agricultural gears, wear pads, sheaves, pulleys, rollers and other components. In this blog, we’ll explain a few ways machined plastics can provide an edge in various stages of the agricultural cycle.

What’s Behind the Rise of Specialty Plastics for Agriculture?

The design freedom, weight reduction, corrosion resistance and abrasive wear of engineering plastics makes them superior to metal in numerous critical applications. Combined, these advanced properties make specialty plastics ideal for:

These applications only scratch the surface of ways agricultural machining plastics can help save time and cut costs. Whether used in structural parts, under-the-hood components, or interior and exterior visual surfaces, specialty plastics offer uniquely beneficial properties for boosting performance.

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