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custom plastic parts onlineLooking for custom plastic parts online? At Reading Plastic & Metal, we leverage our staff of qualified machining professionals and our fleet of world-class machinery to deliver expectation-exceeding precision, quality, and promptness. With decades of expertise and a true passion for plastic machining, we’re prepared for any job thrown our way and guarantee top-notch results.

Plastic vs. Metal

When it comes to choosing the right material for your project, weighing your options is always ideal. Here area few reasons plastic may be a better choice over metal:

Custom Fabrication Services

We offer custom fabrication services to turn your machined plastic parts into assembled, finished products. This could be as basic as snapping machined parts together, or it could require complex bending, threading and more. If you need finished plastic parts ready for you or your customer to use right away, our fabrication team will make it happen.

By machining and fabricating your plastic parts in one place, you can greatly reduce production costs. Our fabrication services are also perfect for when you need a specialty plastic item, but don’t have the staff or machinery to modify your machined parts. In this case, our team can become an extension of your own to help you achieve your goals.

Order Custom Plastic Parts Online From Reading Plastic & Metal

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