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Teflon® (also known as PTFE) is a high-performance plastic most commonly known for its non-stick properties. It is an incredibly versatile material that can perform in a variety of conditions and applications, which is why custom Teflon® parts can be found in nearly every industry. As an experienced Teflon® manufacturer, Reading Plastic understands this material’s unique needs and takes them into account to produce reliable custom parts.

Why Choose Custom Teflon® Parts?

Teflon® has the lowest coefficient of friction against any solid known to man, which makes it both non-stick and self-lubricating. Because Teflon® is non-stick, there are very few solid substances that will permanently adhere to it. Almost all substances release easily and there is very low wear from sliding due to anti-adhesive properties. Teflon®’s self-lubricating properties allow it to withstand dry running and provide longer part and service life.

Teflon® also has exceptional chemical resistance. It is almost entirely chemically inert, and is highly insoluble in most solvents or chemicals (with the exception of fluorine). It has excellent electrical resistance, high dielectric and flexural strength, and low flammability. Teflon® is also almost totally resistant to water and other liquids, and nearly all forms of it are FDA-approved as safe for use in food and drug preparation. And with good natural resistance to UV radiation, Teflon® won’t become brittle or develop stress cracks in outdoor applications.

Another key benefit of Teflon® is its thermal stability. As a heat resistant plastic, Teflon® can exceed 300°F in continuous operating temperature without compromising its mechanical properties. Teflon® also offers cryogenic stability as it maintains its properties over a remarkably broad temperature range (from -400°F up to 500°F).

Most plastics contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which, when vaporized, can irritate eyes, noses and throats, and cause coughing, headaches, dizziness and nausea. High temperatures accelerate outgassing, as do vacuum environments. That is why certain industries – such as aerospace and energy – have strict requirements for plastic outgassing. Teflon® has some of the lowest outgassing properties, making it a key material for the aerospace and energy industries.

Teflon® is prone to creep over time and can deform under load, so certain applications may require fillers to increase strength and prevent deformities. Fillers can also be used to improve abrasion resistance and add electrical conductivity, should the application require it.

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Teflon®’s unique combination of properties make it an excellent choice for everything from aerospace parts, to seals, to food and beverage handling. Its superior chemical properties make it a common choice for containers and pipework that store or handle reactive and corrosive chemicals, while its low coefficient of friction makes it perfect for high-friction mechanical parts such as screws and bearings.

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