3 Reasons to Choose Precision Plastic Machining for Oil & Gas Parts

oil and gas parts

Oilfields, petrochemical processing plants, offshore drilling rigs: When it comes to oil & gas parts, the conditions they must endure are as severe as it gets. Anyone with experience in the industry knows this equipment must withstand temperatures, pressures, and chemicals that corrode most materials fast.

It’s no surprise, then, that high-performance polymers have enhanced many oil & gas parts. Combining unique resistance to a variety of stressors, these advanced plastics are becoming omnipresent in parts like seals, connectors, bearings, insulators, pump heads, pressure heads, brackets and sleeves. The most commonly used plastics coming into play are PEEK, PPS, PVDF, and Ultem.

While an investment, machining oil & gas parts from these high-end plastics offers distinct advantages. Here are three reasons to consider swapping your metal parts for plastic, especially for down-hole parts that require frequent replacement.

Oil & Gas Parts Are Better In Plastic 

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