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aerospace fasteners

Aerospace fasteners might seem like a small part of the design, but they play a critical role in whether or not an aircraft arrives at its destination in one piece. Commercial planes, rockets, military jets, helicopters, spaceships, satellites and weapons systems depend on strong, precise fasteners.

When it comes to manufacturing fasteners, we’re equipped to help companies with diverse needs. In addition to manufacturing fasteners in all grades of stainless steel and aluminum, as well as brass and copper, we can machine fasteners from advanced plastics to meet unique requirements.

In this blog, learn more about why opting for aerospace fasteners in an advanced plastic may be in your best interest.

Aerospace Fasteners: How Plastic Gives You An Edge 

“Fasteners” entail the nut or pin that forms a bolt used to connect several components, which might include stiffeners, flanges, stringers, flanges, skins, rubs, shrouds and other parts.

We’re experienced machining fasteners from advanced plastics like Torlon, VESPEL, nylon, acetal, PEEK, Rulon, Celazole, Arolon and more. Here are just a few of the benefits of machining custom fasteners from materials like these:

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