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Industries are always looking for ways to improve their products, and the military sector is no different. From improving safety to reducing weight, military-grade plastic has been revolutionizing military products and equipment. As a military spare parts supplier, Reading Plastic understands the importance of delivering dependable parts quickly. Our commitments to excellence and customer satisfaction have made us a leading supplier of plastic spare parts to the military.

How Does Plastic Improve Military Parts?

Military-grade plastics are engineered to withstand heat, friction, saltwater, grit, and the harshest conditions our modern world has to offer. They can resist damage from ionizing radiation experienced by spacecraft and endure the extreme pressures subjected on submarines. From tools and weapons to personal body armor and aircraft parts, military-grade plastics are ever-expanding in their military use. Some of their specific benefits include:

Reading Plastic: an Experienced Military Spare Parts Supplier

At Reading Plastic, we have machined and fabricated parts for every branch of the Armed Forces and are fully compliant to Department of Defense Standards and ISO 9001:2015. Our parts can be found in U.S. Armed Forces equipment around the globe:

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