An Introduction to the Grades of Ultem Plastic

ultem plastic

Ultem plastic resin is a family of thermoplastic PEI (polyetherimide) resins that offer high strength and stiffness, superior elevated thermal resistance, and broad chemical resistance. Ultem plastic uniquely balances processability and mechanical properties, giving design engineers outstanding flexibility and freedom. There are also various grades of Ultem available that provide even higher chemical, heat, and elasticity needs.

General Properties of Ultem Plastic

Ultem Plastic Grades

We Excel at All Grades of Ultem Plastic

While the Ultem plastic grades listed above are among the most common, there are many more grades to choose from, depending on your needs. For example, Ultem 3452 is a 45% glass-fiber and mineral-filled enhanced flow PEI with enhanced dimensional stability. Ultem 4000 is glass fiber, PTFE, and graphite filled, while Ultem 9090 offers improved ductility and detergent resistance. Discuss your project’s unique needs with one of our expert staff, and we can help match you with the right Ultem plastic grade.

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