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acrylic machining servicesAs a top acrylic manufacturing company with experience in a plethora of industries, we understand the importance of finding the perfect material for your project. One of the most common forms of acrylic machining services is the process of acrylic fabrication. A few of the areas where we provide specialty acrylic machining services include models and demonstration materials for medical device salespeople, display cases and architectural details for builders, schools and hospitals, FDA protective devices, trade show displays, machinery covers, tanks, and guards, signs and displays, and washdown systems and components. Our decades of experience and genuine passion for the industry make Reading Plastic & Metal the easy choice for your acrylic needs. We also supply the best Lexan polycarbonate manufacturing if your project sees fit.

Benefits of Acrylic Machining Services

Acrylics are polymers of methyl methacrylate (PMMA). Here are a few reasons why our clients choose acrylics:

Acrylic Machining Services in Action

Acrylic machining services are used in some of the most important industries to provide efficient, safe material for your project’s needs. When it comes to oil & gas parts, the conditions they must endure are as severe as it gets. Anyone with experience in the industry knows this equipment must withstand temperatures, pressures, and chemicals that corrode most materials fast. When it comes to the medical industry, high-end acrylics are used for models and demonstration materials to showcase medical devices. The number one priority in the medical industry is safety, making acrylic’s protective properties ideal for the environment.

Acrylic Machining Services at Reading Plastic & Metal

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