6 Aircraft Parts That Require Precision Machining

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Precision CNC machining creates plastic aircraft parts that are durable, reliable, and lightweight. Aircraft are subjected to harsh treatment – from humidity and saltwater exposure to rapid thermal and air pressure changes – and their parts have to be up to the challenge. As an experienced aircraft parts supplier, Reading Plastic can machine an array of high-end plastics to produce reliable parts with tight tolerances.

Why do Aircraft Parts Require Precision Machining?

An airplane is like a body: in order for it to work correctly, all the parts have to function well. A flawed or damaged part can lead to a breakdown of the entire system. There are five areas in particular where precision machining is critical:

  1. Engine – As the heart of the aircraft, an engine supplies the mechanical power that allows the plane to move. If an engine part fails, the plane could experience a sudden loss of power or a complete mechanical breakdown. High-end plastics such as VespelĀ® offer high wear resistance and low friction. This gives them a long, reliable lifespan and allows them to run dry should lubrication fail, increasing safety.
  2. Avionics – These electrical systems – which include communications, navigation, and the display and management of multiple systems – are the brain of an aircraft. These systems provide vital information to the pilots, making reliability a must. Military-grade plastics can protect these systems from heat, corrosion, and electromagnetic interference.
  3. Sensors – Meet the central nervous system: a series of receptors that gather information about the condition of the plane and the world outside it and relay that information to the brain. Without accurate data, pilots are flying blind. With precision machined plastic parts, sensors can endure harsh military applications.
  4. Airframe – Just like the skeleton supports the body, the airframe supports the aircraft. An airframe needs to be strong but lightweight. High-end plastics offer high tensile and flexural strength on par with metal but at a fraction of the weight. Reducing the weight of an aircraft increases speed and improves fuel consumption.
  5. Connectors – In the body, everything is held together by muscles, ligaments, and joints. In an aircraft, this job is performed by connectors. These parts must be flexible yet durable enough to withstand constant environmental and mechanical stress. Military-grade plastics are rust and corrosion resistant and can withstand rapid temperature and air pressure changes without warping.
  6. Seating – We often hear fat referred to negatively, but it actually plays an important role in our bodies. Fat surrounds our organs, cushioning and protecting them from injury. If not for this protective fat, a minor fall could lead to serious internal injuries. In the same way, seating is a critical factor in survivability. A well-designed seat helps absorb energy during an impact and protects the occupant from head injury. Seating parts deserve as much care and precision as those found in the engine.

Reading Plastic: a Reliable Aircraft Parts Supplier

For over 30 years, Reading Plastic has been machining precision parts for a variety of industries. We have machined parts for every branch of the Armed Forces, and we are well acquainted with Aviation and Department of Defense Standards. For a trusted aircraft parts supplier, call us today at 610-926-3245.

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