The Use of Vespel® in Critical Aircraft Parts

vespel aircraft parts

When it comes to critical aircraft parts, you must have confidence in their consistency, safety, and longevity. That is why aviation experts are increasingly turning to high-end plastics to make those critical parts. Vespel® is one of the top choices for aircraft parts because it offers superior performance that even most high-end materials can’t match.

Vespel® by DuPont combines the best properties of ceramics, metals and plastics into one. The product family includes five types of high-performance polymide resin and is characterized by its ring-shaped molecular structure containing nitrogen. While Vespel® parts come at a high cost, they pay for themselves in reduced maintenance costs, increased reliability, and extended operating life.

The Properties and Benefits of Vespel® for Critical Aircraft Parts

Reading Plastic: Specialized in Machining Vespel® Parts

The experienced team at Reading Plastic Machining & Fabrication can produce all your Vespel® parts, including:

As a military spare parts supplier, we are experienced in machining custom Vespel® parts for a variety of applications. Our parts meet all Aviation and Department of Defense Standards. Call us today at 610-926-3245 to learn more about Vespel® and its benefits.

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