CNC Machined Plastic Parts: PEEK, Vespel & More

cnc machined plastic partsOur CNC plastic machining services specialize in tight tolerances and advanced materials. Our machines can handle even the most technical plastics, including PEEK, Ultem®, and Vespel®. If you aren’t sure which material is right for your project, our expert staff can answer any questions you have. Our decades of experience working with specialty CNC machined plastic parts give us hands-on knowledge about how these materials perform in all sorts of settings, and we pass that knowledge on to you.

Benefits of CNC Machined Plastic Parts

What are some of the benefits of CNC machined plastic parts?

Types of Plastics Used in CNC Machined Plastic Parts

Our CNC machining capabilities can handle a wide array of different plastics, a few include:

CNC Machined Plastic Parts at Reading Plastic & Metal

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