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If you’re looking for high degrees of accuracy, short lead and production times, complex precision, and undeniable repeatability practiced by experts with decades of experience, Reading Plastic & Metal’s CNC Manufacturing services are for you! Offering both plastic and metal CNC machining, you’ll find the equipment and know-how to produce the most precise, dependable plastic parts with us. Even more specialized, Reading Plastic & Metal’s CNC milling/turning service is top-notch and allows for precision parts delivered to perfection. cnc milling turning service

Benefits & Applications of CNC Milling

We produce your parts with precision, accuracy and repeatability. Our team uses computer-driven CNC milling machines to create advanced plastic parts with tolerances of +/- .001 and the surface finishes as smooth as 15Ra.

Some benefits of CNC milling include:

CNC milling services are distinct in the geometries and surface textures they can render, allowing them to deliver some of today’s most intricate parts. It allows for the creation of a wide variety of complex parts, such as ball joints, brackets, spindles and much more in various industries, including:

Benefits & Materials of CNC Turning

We provide world-class CNC turning for advanced engineering plastics. We specialize in multi-axis lathe work that holds tight tolerance standards, up to .001″.

Some benefits of CNC turning include:

We provide precision CNC turned parts from a wide variety of advanced engineering and specialty plastics, such as:

CNC Milling/Turning Service with Reading Plastic & Metal

Looking for an experienced, dependable CNC machining company for your milling or turning projects? Contact Reading Plastic & Metal today at (610) 926-3245 or site2@readingplastic.com to discuss all your project needs.

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