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It’s estimated ESD costs American industry $5 billion each year. This cost includes not only manufacturing new components to replace those damaged, but also the time involved in customer and field service during maintenance. In no uncertain terms, the demand for antistatic materials is growing as companies strive to cut costs and downtime. We manufacture ESD material like conductive plastics, antistatic plastics and dissipative plastics for minimizing or eliminating damaging static.

Our custom parts and shapes are less resistive to the build-up of static charge without compromising the strength, wear properties, heat resistance, or chemical resistance manufacturers expect from specialty plastics. They’ve been integral for clients in the storage and packaging, medical devices, electronics, automotive, computer and appliance industries: those who face heavy losses each year as a result of ESD.

Learn more about ESD and the specialty plastics that counter its damaging effects below.

ESD Material: What Is Electro Static Dissipation?

When two objects touch, it sometimes creates static electricity as one object becomes positively charged and the other negative. This charge can occur when plastics, fiberglass, rubber, textiles and other materials slide, rub or separate. Certain conditions can induce a charge of up to 30,000 volts.

ESD can be harmful and dangerous, both for electrical equipment and anyone who comes into contact with it. When a sensitive electrical component comes into contact with ESD, it can result in permanent damage and costly downtime as the equipment is repaired or replaced. Human contact with a severe charge can result in injury or death.

There are three categories of plastics that prevent or protect against ESD: antistatic, static-dissipative, and conductive. 

ESD Material

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Not sure which plastic solution is appropriate? Tell us about your project and request a quote. Just a few of our commonly requested ESD-protective plastics include:

*Note: Due to the high-end nature of these materials, some may have lead times and manufacturer’s minimums.

See a complete list of our materials. We work with virtually all plastic producers and are always expanding our selection of specialty plastics. With our expertise in specialty plastic machining, we’ll weigh in with the type of plastic best suited to your project for preventing costly ESD damage.

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