Expanding Our Capabilities with a New Horizontal Machining Center

horizontal machining center
At Reading Plastic, we are constantly upgrading our shop to expand and improve our machining services. That is why we are excited to introduce our newest machine, the NHX 4000 3rd Generation from DMG MORI. As our first horizontal machining center, the NHX 4000 will greatly expand our machining capabilities. Here is a closer look at the benefits of horizontal machining centers, and the NHX 4000 specifically.

Highlights of the NHX 4000 3rd Generation

The NHX 4000 3rd Generation is a horizontal machining center that enables high-efficiency, continuous machining and mass production capabilities. It is equipped with DMG MORI’s newest spindle, the speedMASTER, which ensures high-speed and stable high-precision machining. Other key features include:

The Benefits of Horizontal Machining Centers

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