Understanding PEEK Plastic Price Per Pound

peek price per pound

When it comes to choosing the right plastic for a part, cost is an important factor. However, evaluating a plastic based on price alone can be misleading. The plastic may have properties that offer long-term cost savings despite higher upfront costs. PEEK plastic price per pound is generally higher than other high-temperature thermoplastics, but it also offers benefits that other resins lack.

Why is PEEK So Expensive?

The price point for PEEK (polyetherketone) often comes as a surprise to clients. However, these other polymers can’t compete with the advanced properties of PEEK. Simply put, when you need an incredibly strong plastic that will remain dimensionally stable under load and in the harshest environments, you need PEEK.

While PEEK’s high temperature resistance can make it difficult to process, in its solid state PEEK is readily machinable by CNC milling machines. Filled grades of PEEK can also be CNC machined, but care must be taken to correctly manage stresses in the material. PEEK is commonly used to produce high-quality plastic parts that electrically and thermally insulating, as well as thermostable.

The Outstanding Properties of PEEK

  1. High tensile and flexural strength – PEEK has the highest tensile strength, 16,000 psi, and flexural strength, 25,000 psi, of high-performance polymers. It is perfect for applications where metal cannot be used (such as gasketing and auto components) but a metal-like durability is necessary.
  2. High temperature resistance – The melting point of PEEK is over 700ºF and it can operate in 500º-degree temperatures without deforming. The hardness of PEEK allows it to run in high-load-high-temperature environments without loss of dimensional properties.
  3. High wear and abrasion resistance – PEEK is capable of withstanding wear effects even under harsh physical and chemical conditions.
  4. Chemical resistance – Resistant to many harsh chemicals, PEEK can be used in corrosive environments under heavy loads.
  5. Biocompatible – In recent years PEEK has become the popular choice for medical devices for its biocompatibility (which ensures the human body accepts the part, and the part doesn’t break down over time), as well as its radiation resistance and natural translucence when viewed with medical imaging (x-ray, MRI, cat scan).

PEEK is often chosen for one of the 5 properties above, but it also offers:

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