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Whether you’re in the market for standard plastic mechanical parts or specialized, custom parts, finding a reputable company to supply those parts is integral in the process—no matter the project. At Reading Plastic & Metal, we leverage our staff of qualified machining professionals and our fleet of world-class machinery to deliver expectation-exceeding precision, quality, and promptness. With decades of expertise and a true passion for plastic machining, we’re prepared for any job thrown our way and guarantee top-notch results.

Why Choose Plastic Mechanical Parts Over Metal?

While we provide both plastic and metal machining services, sometimes one material fits the job better than the other. That’s where our years of experience comes in—our team can help find the perfect plastic or metal to fit your project, industry, and standards.

plastic mechanical parts

Plastic Mechanical Parts Options

We offer a variety of types of plastics to choose from for your particular parts. With each plastic having different strengths and capabilities, here is a list of plastics and their most common applications and industries:

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