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CNC copper partsTight tolerances and a high level of repeatability are a must when machining CNC copper parts. At Reading Plastic & Metal, we lend our expertise and advanced technology to your project, large or small, to deliver the precise, high-performance products that you expect from your copper CNC machining company.

Copper is used in a wide variety of applications. Its corrosion resistance and electrical and thermal conductivity make copper an excellent choice for use in a myriad of industries, including aerospace, oil & gas, automotive, telecom, and more.

Unique Properties of CNC Copper Parts

CNC machining copper creates parts that have many unique benefits. Copper parts are:

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For over four decades, Reading Plastic & Metal has delivered dependable, high-performance parts to clients, on time and on spec. Our durable CNC copper parts are made to last–we guarantee it. We combine state-of-the-art equipment and technology with the expertise of our machining specialists and programmers to produce products that will meet–and exceed–expectations. Our tight tolerances, precision products and fast turnaround make Reading Plastic & Metal the only stop you need for your advanced plastic and metal projects. 

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