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custom brass machining
At Reading Plastic, our expert CNC machining services aren’t restricted to just plastic: we also offer custom metal machining of brass, copper, stainless steel, titanium and more. Our immaculately maintained machines can handle all your custom brass machining needs and any volume production run, from small and large runs to prototyping. With nearly forty years of industry knowledge, we are familiar with the standards and regulations of each industry and we maintain strict ISO 9001:2015 compliance. Whatever your project needs, Reading Plastic can machine a solution.

The Benefits of Brass Part

Brass’s unique properties make it one of the most widely used metal alloys. Its versatility allows it to perform well nearly every industry and its beautiful coloring – which can range from light gold and silver to almost red – makes it a popular choice for decorative applications.

Brass is made from zinc and copper, making it strong, durable, conductive and highly resistant to corrosion. Brass is a high-density material, making it ideal for heavy industrial parts. It has excellent strength and its properties closely resemble those of steel, but because brass doesn’t contain iron it will never rust. However, its high copper content means that it can develop a protective oxide layer (patina) on its surface. This greenish-blue patina actually helps protect the brass from further corrosion. Brass’s inability to rust makes it the most widely used metal in plumbing, marine and naval applications. Brass is also commonly used in bearings, bushings, valves, electrical devices and marine parts.

Brass’s copper content also gives it antimicrobial properties. Brass is a poor breeding ground for bacteria, making it ideal for doorknobs, bathroom fixtures and medical applications. Other key properties of brass include:

Brass also has excellent machinability, which is the ease with which a metal can be cut in order to remove material and shape it into the desired end product. Properties such as durability, malleability and thermal conductivity contribute to a material’s machinability. In addition to ease of machining, brass can be machined at much higher speeds than other metals. And these high-speeds can be achieved without having a negative impact on tool wear, part surface finishes and chip formation. This allows for significantly reduced part cycle times, which in turn means faster delivery and lower part costs.

Brass is also 100% recyclable. Machining scrap (“chips”) can be recycled through scrap buy-back programs which use the chips to produce new brass over and over with no loss in material properties. This makes brass both cost-effective and eco-friendly.

Custom Brass Machining from Reading Plastic

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