Correct Plastic Part Defects from Injection Molding, 3D Printing

Certain industries require tight tolerance machining. In the fields of aerospace, medical equipment, military, oil & gas and more, plastic parts often must hold tolerances of +/- .001” or better to meet standards and perform well in their critical applications. Precision machining is the best way to achieve these tight tolerances, but if the part must be manufactured through an alternative method, machining can also be used to correct plastic part defects.  

As a provider of CNC services, we often provide secondary operations to get parts that have been injection molded or 3D-printed to hold the close tolerances required. In this blog, discover some common plastic part defects we correct through precision machining.

Common Plastic Part Defects: 3D Printing

Common Plastic Part Defects: Injection Molding

We Correct Part Defects

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