How Part Design Affects Close Tolerance Machining

Close tolerance machining
As experts in close tolerance machining, we are frequently asked what tolerances we can hold. The tolerance a part can hold is dependent on several factors, including part configuration, material choice, and the type of machining operation and technique. Part design can have the biggest impact on tolerances, and improvements during the design phase can not only help achieve tight tolerances, but can also improve manufacturability, quality, and customer satisfaction.

At Reading Plastic, we have over four decades of experience in close tolerance machining. With our know-how and ultra-precise cutting tools, we can achieve the tight tolerances your project demands.

Aspects of Part Design that Affect Close Tolerance Machining

Close Tolerance Machining is Our Speciality

Reading Plastic has produced close tolerance parts for clients all over the world for a wide array of applications. Whether you need expert CNC routing, cutting, turning or sawing, Reading Plastic will deliver the precise, dependable plastic parts you need. If you have a project that demands close tolerance machining, request a quote or call us today at 610-926-3245.

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