Why Healthcare Providers Are Demanding Specialty Plastics for Their Devices and Equipment

Since the passage of the Affordable Care Act, the medical industry has undergone massive changes, the extent of which can hardly be summed up in one blog post. One sure consequence, however, has been higher demand for specialty plastics in medical equipment and devices. We’re Reading Plastic Machining & Fabrication, a provider of plastic machining […]

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How Specialty Plastics Help Telecom Companies Stay Competitive

In the last few decades, the telecom industry has experienced rapid and unprecedented change. Not only has the dawn of the Internet swept the world; the once highly regulated telecom industry has since deregulated to a large degree, leading to leagues of fresh market entrants and competition like never before. In other words, the local […]

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Why Specialty Plastics Have Taken Over Aerospace

Success in the aerospace industry relies heavily upon constant innovation in two areas: aircraft performance and reducing fuel costs. Without forward-thinking innovation in these categories, even industry leaders can expect to fall behind the competition before long. Because the market has demanded such fast and substantial improvement, it’s no wonder the significance of technical plastics […]

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